Keep On Jammin Baby! - Toejam , Hi...Big Boy.... - Paper Pat Saying Hello To Earl
Toejam is an red alien and one of the protagonist of the Toejam and Earl

series. He speaks with street slang, likes basket ball, and a great rapper(nick named TJ).

Earl is Toejams pal and co pilot who is kind of clumsy and not that bright. Earl mostly listens to Toejams or Latisha instead of thinking on his own.

Trivia Edit

They're Both Partners On Funkotron
Earl's Eyes Revealed To Be Dots
ToeJam Has A Solo Song , So Does Earl
This FanArt Belongs To Man Of Tommorow[1]

ToeJam & Earl - Theme Song -Sega Tunes- Music03:35

ToeJam & Earl - Theme Song -Sega Tunes- Music

ToeJam & Earl - Ode to Sharla -Sega Tunes- Music03:38

ToeJam & Earl - Ode to Sharla -Sega Tunes- Music


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