She's Cute As A Newt! - Robo And Mobo Looking At Sticks The Badger
E-liter 3K Scope HQ
CoroCoro Splat Roller HQ
Bonanza Bros' Theme03:27

Bonanza Bros' Theme. - Bonanza Elegy -Mega Drive- Music

The Bonanza Bros. are two pairs of siblings consisting of older sibling Robo in yellow and wearing a red shirt and younger sibling Mobo in orange and wearing a blue shirt. They first appeared in the game of the same name as bank robbers

Trivia Edit

Robo's Weapon Is A E-liter 3K Scope And Mobo's Weapon Is A CoroCoro Splat Roller
Robo's Solo Song Is Suspense Theater And Mobo's Solo Song Is Bonanza Go Go , Their Theme Song Is Bonanza Elegy
Robo Is Tron Bonne's Boyfriend And Mobo Is Juri Han's Boyfriend
They Are Mistaken For Humans Because They Are Robots

Bonanza Bros03:20

Bonanza Bros. - Bonanza Go-Go Mega Drive Music

Robo's Solo Theme04:30

Robo's Solo Theme. - Bonanza Suspense Theater -Mega Drive- Music

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