Look At Those Rainbow Mouses! - Paper Pat Seeing The ChuChus
Paper Pat Is Ryo Hazuki's Little Sister , She Is A Paper Girl And A Detective , She Is The Bonanza Bros , Billy Hatcher , Ristar , AiAi , And Beat's Friend , She Is A Protagonist Of Go! Go! Paper Pat! Shenmue EX

Trivia Edit

She Is The Brother Of Ryo Hazuki
She Was Mistaken For A Boy ( Stop Calling Her That X( )
Her Weapon Is A Neo Sploosh O Matic
Paper Pat Is Shadow's Girlfriend
She Is A Female Orphan Of The Superstars

Kidz Bop Kids - DJ Got Us Falling in Love03:18

Kidz Bop Kids - DJ Got Us Falling in Love

Neo Sploosh-o-matic HQ

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