I Eat Losers For Breakfast - Cam Taunting The Enemy Team
Cam Is The Green Inkling Who Is A Friend Of Macey , She Lives In Inkopolis , But She Was Moved To SEGA Universe After The Final Splatfest , But After She Left Inkopolis , King Octobot Now Rules Inkopolis And Inkopolis Was Now Octopolis

Trivia Edit

Cam Is Team Marie
Her Weapon Is A Zink Mini Splatling
Her Favorite Special Weapon Is A Bubbler

Split and Splat -Chirpy Chips- - Splatoon - Music Extended30:01

Split and Splat -Chirpy Chips- - Splatoon - Music Extended

Her Favorite Food Is Scrambled Eggs

Zink Mini Splatling HQ

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