I'm Still Gonna Win Ya Know? - beat
Beat is the main protagonist of Sega's Jet Set Radio series. He is a seventeen-year-old, laid back, and level headed "Rudie"

that loves to skate and is okay with breaking the law. He is originally from the town of Fukuoka, and ran away from home like many other Japanese Rudies. Beat spends his time skating around fighting for turf with the rival gangs of Tokyo-to, marking his territory with graffiti and annihilating others' tags. As graffiti is an act of vandalism and is punishable by law, this attracts the attention of Police Captain Onishima (and Hayashi in Jet Set Radio Future) and his S.W.A.T. team, who relentlessly pursue Beat and his friends.

Trivia Edit

Unlike The Bonanza Brothers , Beat Hates The Polices
Beat Is Ulala's Girlfriend
Graffiti Is His Favorite Part , Even Stealing Is The Bonanza Brothers' Favorite Part
His Weapon Is A Tentatek Splattershot

The Concept of Love - Jet Set Radio Future Music Extended30:00

The Concept of Love - Jet Set Radio Future Music Extended

Tentatek Splattershot HQ

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